Monday 27 June 2011

Cafe Restrant (no, that is not my typo)....

Saturday was a pretty busy day, started with taking Ebi-kun to the dentist for a check up - all ok, his teeth are beautiful! He had football practice in the afternoon so we decided to try out a new cafe which was on the way. The Earth Cafe Restrant! 
It was a nice little place, friendly staff but the service was slow and they didn't have the excuse of being busy. They did have a corner set up with handmade zakka items for sale.
I love these tiny books, bookmaking is something I want to learn more about, I have been looking at books on the subject but can't decide which would be a good one to start with, if you have any recommendations please let me know.
Lunch arrived, daddy-ebi ordered keema curry, he said it was very good but the portions were very much a ladies lunch size not a strapping bloke size.
Ebi-kun and I had sandwiches, he couldn't eat all his sandwiches so daddy got to finish them for him.
After lunch we headed down to the park for football. The previous day had been so hot, record temperatures, 39.4c in Saitama but Saturday was much cooler. I don't always go to the football but because it had cooled down and I had been stuck in the house all week I thought it would be a good chance to catch up with the other moms and do a bit of hand sewing. It wasn't to be, just as the kids started to play the heavens opened, they got soaked, we got soaked, but they carried on regardless.
I had to strip Ebi-kun down and get him changed before he got in the car, on the way home he said he really enjoyed playing in the rain 'it was like playing in a national match like the professional football players do', I am glad he enjoyed it, I wasn't so happy about having to wash his manky strip!

If you haven't done so yet, please remember to vote for Ebi-kuns fabric (he has some tough competition!)


  1. I ve noticed your pretty fingernails:)
    jeez 39 degrees!

  2. thank you, I would have posted a proper picture of them but I managed to chip them straight away! next time!


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