Monday 6 June 2011


My husband designs industrial mixing machines for cakes and the such like, and every so often they have to test them and then he comes home with some goodies, this week he bought two enormous bags of cookie dough (other times we get sponge cake and delicious bread). I managed to get one of the bags in to the freezer and luckily we had been invited to a party at the weekend so I baked the other batch, 5 trays of cookies later....
When I first saw the dough I was excited about using cookie cutters but then when we rolled it out I realised that it wasn't going to work so we ended up rolling the dough into balls and squashing them. So when we decorated them...
 we doodled on some
 since it was going to be an international gathering, we did some flags (but just the easy ones) at the party we had some Japanese, a couple of Brits and Canadians, an American and a Kiwi.
 The rest we dunked in sprinkles!
The party was good, it was the first time we had all been together since the earthquake. The kids had a good time and disappeared upstairs and us moms and dads had a good catch up. With everyone's schedules it is much more difficult to get together on a regular basis these days.


  1. awesome cookies! and painter:)

  2. How did you get the icing hard enough for the markers to work? I've tried this but the icing was too smushy and the markers wouldn't work. Any tips?

  3. the recipe I use is...
    2 egg whites beat with 2tsp lemon juice gradually add 330g of icing (powder) sugar, if you want it thicker just add more sugar. You need to leave it for 30 mins or so to harden.


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