Monday 20 June 2011

fathers day...

Fathers day was a rather laid back affair, we started with a breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls and watermelon. Ebi-kun gave daddy his presents
photo credit: Ebi-kun
I bought 5 plain hankies and Ebi-kun set about decorating them, he stamped some and drew on the others using fabric pens or fabric crayons. he also bought home a card from yochien
He did a carving to make the protrait, I'm not sure what he carved on.

and presented in a lily bag because he is in the lily class, all the classes are named after flowers, This seems to be a popular thing in yochiens, I'm not sure if all yochiens do it.

We had to go to the supermarket then the rest of the day was spent messing a round at home, a play in the park and watching the footie!


  1. happy father's day Mr Ebi- what great hankies. I love the artwork, too. Does Ebi-kun take after you in that area? His pictures seem quite creative for his age.

    And we have flowers and animals and colours up here. chick class, rabbit class, sunflower class, red class, white class- a real mishmash!

  2. Ebi-kun is very arty, daddy-ebi is fairly creative too but more in a engineering way. We get through a tonne of paper, there isn't a day go by when he isn't drawing something.

    Ebi-kuns classes are all flower names but then they have different coloured hats.

  3. OMG, ebi-kun's picture of daddy is perfect!! Well done. What a great father's day. I didn't even remember until mid-afternoon.

  4. Love the carving! Very cool.


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