Friday 3 June 2011

Flaming galah!

Another Aussie post!
An old friend that I have known since I was knee high to a grasshopper, sent me this link when we were discussing Oz on FB. Looking through the site I thought it would be fun to do some Aussie slang, I went through the lists and realized that a lot of it is the same or very similar to British English but there were quite a few I didn't know. So I made up a sheet with matching cards, the word on one and the definition on the other and put coloured dots on the back of the matching pairs so he can self check his work. You can download the file HERE.*
I used to use  this method quite a lot when I was teaching new vocab back in my ESL teacher days, the students makes an educated guess at matching the words (this helps students break words apart, for example if they know the words triangle and tricycle and they are given the new word tripod they can make a guess that it is something involving 3 and so on). It took Ebi-kun four attempts to get them all matched correctly. Then we took it in turns picking a slang word and making a sentence with it, which of course resulted in a lot of giggling!

*the definitions are in British English so Americans may need to translate them again!


  1. Love the slang and translations, my sis lives in OZ (originally from UK)'s another one from her: "warm the set and cool the tinnies" (turn on the tv and put the beers on ice!)

  2. lol. does pint a picture that all Aussies do is drink lots of beer!

  3. I should add that I know that's not true, lots of my Aussie mates drink lots of wine lol.


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