Thursday 2 June 2011

Giraffe breaks his leg (tutorial)

Hmm, not a tutorial on how to break a giraffes leg, that would be sick and rather difficult I would have thought! No, this is how to make X-rays for toys who have had accidents and was inspired by a craft activity we saw on TV.

 What you need:
2 card frames (I used some from photo frames but you can make them from a cereal box.
3 sheets of printer paper the same size as your frames
lamp or touch

Take one piece of white paper and place a frame over it, draw around the inside of the frame, this is so you can draw your bones to fit on the x-ray. Then draw your bones, any part of the body will do, you could have fun with the head and ribs by having strange things lodged inside. Cut out your bones and put to one side.

Now we make the sandwich, take the first frame and lay it on your work surface, glue a piece of white paper on top of it, only glue around the frame area.

 Next, glue your bones in place

Finally, glue the last piece of white paper on top on the bones, again just glue around the frame area and then stick the final frame on top of that. Your sandwiched x-ray should be frame, paper, bones, paper, frame.

 All you need now is a doctor, patient and a lamp or torch. 
Shine the touch behind the x-ray frames to see what the damage is.

Dr Ebi-kun is making his diagnosis, looks a broken tibia. 

Poor giraffe broke both legs, apparently he fell out of a tree, 
Dr Ebi-kun said he has to keep his bandages on until after dinner...


  1. This is fantastic! Thanks for the great inspiration.

  2. i hope Mrs Giraffe will be better soon !

  3. That giraffe has a clone!!! All the way in Cape Town!!! Hope it gets better soon!!! What a fun idea!!!

  4. really? it is made by Nici, I bought him in Harajuku when I pregnant with Ebi-kun, he soon became a favourite.

  5. I hope Mrs Giraffe will be better soon ! Thanks for the great inspiration.

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  6. Love the x-ray idea...very cute x


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