Thursday 23 June 2011

Introducing Zon.....

The other day we watched ATOM (Astro Boy) this fired some sparks and it wasn't long before Ebi-kun was rummaging through the recycling bin... 

 The glue gun was out and in next to no time we had a new member in the family

 Here he is - Zon the Robot Boy

 Whilst Ebi-kun was at yochien, Zon got busy with the washing up

and the dusting

 then sorted the laundry, folding all the T-shirts

then he got down to cook the dinner

Obviously this wore poor Zon out, 
I found him on the sofa watching a Samurai drama and drinking beer!
To be honest, if it costs me a can of beer a day to have the 
house clean and tidy and dinner cooked I am happy to pay.


  1. This is so great!! How creative, he did a wonderful job!! :)

  2. Hi Jo! I have been a reader of your blog for a while and I love it! May I ask two questions?
    Firstly, what do you do with bulky craft projects or "creations"? Do you display it for a while then throw it out? Do you need to convince Ebi-kun to part with any of his artwork?

    And secondly (actually, there are more than two questions, aren't there?! lol!), what is a typical day like during the school year? With Ebi-kun in Japanese yochien, how and when do you incorporate Montessori into your day? Where do you come up with all your ideas?

  3. omigosh! What a super cute robot that is. I think i want make one too. :)

    Your son is really following your amazing crafty footsteps! Bravo!

  4. OK.. "what do you do with bulky craft projects or "creations"? "
    I try to take photos of them all to go in the art book, they tend to hang around for a while then when it looks like he has lost interest I over it to the shed, if after a while he doesn't ask about it daddy sends it to the big recycling bin in the sky! We do talk about having to recycle the projects that we can't keep.
    A lot of his printmaking type of art we recycle into other projects.

    "what is a typical day like during the school year? "
    Get up 6am, have breakfast, he gets up first with daddy so they can have some time together. daddy leaves around 7.30am. The bus times change each term so it depends which bus he is on but we generally do the dishes (his job is to put them away and prepare his bag) and hang out the laundry. If we have time he reads a chapter of his book then he is allowed to watch some TV but he usually draws or reads at the same time. at either 8am or 9am we go to catch the bus, while we are waiting we water the garden.

    He gets home either 2.30pm or 3.30pm at the moment he is on the late bus and is usually tired when he gets in. I make us ice-lollies and we talk about his day the 4-5pm we will do something, art, craft, Montessori work, play outside etc sometimes I will have something planned or I just let him decided. At least once a week he helps me prepare dinner or make cookies/cake.

    5.30pm he has dinner, he is a really slow eater so it is usually an hour for dinner, 6.30pm several times a week I will chat to my mom with video chat and every other week with my best mate. Sometimes Ebi-kun reads to my mom or he will tell her what he has been up to.

    Tidy up, 7.00pm bath and 7.30pm bed.
    Wednesday he has a half day so he comes home and has lunch, usually on a Wednesday i will prepare or organise something more exciting to do.

    With the Montessori stuff, he sometimes goes and gets something off the shelf or maybe something happened at yochien and he wants to know more when he gets home so I will find something for him. Sometimes he has days off during the week because yochien is closed for some reason because I know about this in advance I will prepare a project around something he is showing an interest in.

    "Where do you come up with all your ideas?"
    A lot of the Montessori stuff is from my albums when I did the training or Montessori books I read. I read A LOT OF blogs and a wide range of subjects, sometimes I will see something on say a cooking blog that will spark and art activity. I have a lot of adult crafty books but we only own one for kids and that is Japanese. I often see things in the store, a piece of piping or some odd shaped wooden block and then try and come up with a project to go with it.I taught kids for years so some of the things are activities I used in class and things that I picked up on my travels. I have a bath every night and that is when I usually come up with the best ideas.

    Does that answer your question? :D

  5. What a lovely robot boy! And helpful. Do you think Ebi Kun could spare Zon for a quick trip to Hokkaido to weed my garden??

    I have a question though....

    What is the legal drinking age for robots????

  6. I'm. So. Jealous! When will you have robot maids available in your shop? That boy of yours is a SUPER GENIUS!!! :D

  7. Totally totally cool!!! Love it!!!

  8. Thank you soo much for answering all my questions!! I love your blog and you never cease to inspire and amaze me with your creativity.
    (thinking of making a robot with her son over the weekend since it looks like its going to be a wet one!!)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. You crack me up Jo
    that's so good ;)
    if the robot could do our housework that would be fantastic...


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