Wednesday 8 June 2011

Ladies at lunch...

Yesterday I met up with an old friend and a new one. We went to the little art gallery cafe not far from where I live, it is a lovely little spot and you have to walk along a long path through the garden to get to it. The first time I went I was convinced I had taken a wrong turn and ended up in someones private house!
I didn't take any other pictures because I was sure I had blogged about this place before but I can't seem to find the post so maybe I just thought I had blogged about it! I seem to do that a lot, first sign of madness?
Anyway, we had a nice relaxed lunch, Cathy arrived to the area a couple of months ago, she is a photographer, you can see her beautiful work here. It was lovely to chat with people where the focus wasn't all about kids or living in Japan, it gets like that sometimes! I made it back just in time for Ebi-kun's bus along with a big bunch of Jasmine that the cafe owner gave us, I have it on the table and it smells lovely.

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  1. A lunch date where there is no talk about kids and living in Japan - what absolute bliss. Although I wonder if I would actually have anything to say anymore! how scary. Would love a big bunch of jasmine. Maybe thats something I could plant in the garden. Mum loved it. xxx


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