Wednesday 15 June 2011

Name that plant....

I think that you know by now that my fingers are not green, when I plant things in the garden they have to be pretty hardy, survival of the fittest! I did put beer out for the slugs that were eating the strawberries but that just resulted in drunken slugs in the garden, I discovered that some slugs can swim! Plus hubby wasn't too chuffed that I was feeding the local wildlife his beer.
Anyway, I need some help identifying a couple of plants, yes, I know I should have put the labels on them but these are both plants that were coming through in the spring and the markers had got lost somehow, this one is in a pot and is about 4 foot tall, any ideas?
And this one, when you rub the leaves is smells like basil but it doesn't look like the basil I planted this year, the new basil has shinier leaves. I did plant some sweet gevonese basil seeds last year, possibly in the same spot, or maybe not. I am hoping it is basil so I can use it in the kitchen but I am a bit worried it is something else and will poison us all.


  1. The top one is Gillardia.
    It looks like the other one is the sweet genovese basil.

  2. I don't know what they are, but they're pretty ;) The second definitely looks like basil to me!


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