Tuesday 21 June 2011

The yochien garden...

Ebi-kun had yochien on Saturday, he usually goes twice a month on a Saturday but we decided before he joined that we wouldn't be tied to the yochien schedule so if it falls on a 3 day holiday and we have camping plans then camping is what we do. Anyway, hub and I went and did some child free shopping, a much nicer experience if you ask me then having a whining child in tow, then when we were done we dropped by to pick him up and we had a look at the kitchen garden while we were at it. Each class has a set of veg pots with pepper, aubergine, mini tomatoes and cucumbers plus they have their own flower pots, they all grow their own morning glory (which they use to make iro mizu) and the class has their own sunflowers too.
They also have a couple of small rice paddies, they grow potatoes in here in the winter then plant rice late spring. A couple of weeks ago Ebi-kun came home with a small bag of potatoes and some aubergine, the three older classes had dug up all the potatoes then they were shared between all the kids at the yochien. For the veg the kids did rock, paper, scissors to see who took what home.
Hubby and I were laughing at the sorry state of the cabbages when the head sensei came over to say hello, then he told us that they don't grow the cabbage to eat, they grow them so that they get lots of butterflies flying around the yochien - sweet!

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