Friday 8 July 2011


a weekly round up of information after the quake.

The BBC have a nice report this week showing how much work has been done and families moving into prefab housing, you can watch it here.

Then to the other extreme there is this idiot who thinks he is a shogun or something, need slapping with a wet radiated fish! One of the things holding this country back are the idiots that are running the country, politicians are definatly a 'special' breed!

The nuclear crisis continues, two thirds of the nuclear reactors here have been shut down so that they can be tested for safety but there seems to be confusion of whether the tests that have been run are significant or not. The government sending out mixed messages yet again, maybe that is their goal, to confuse the hell out of the general public until everyone gives up trying to make sense of it all and then the go ahead and do whatever they like!

TEPCO of course are in a financial mess there is a possibility of them becoming a zombie company, Ha! idiots running the country and zombies providing the power *sigh* only in Japan hey? If I were running the country I would make it law that every new build has to have solar panels, they made it law that every new house has to have a car parking spot (not allowed to park on the street) so why not solar panels? Factories and apartment blocks too, they might not be able to cover all their power needs but they could make a good contribution.

As for us, we are pottering along, we had notices from the yochien saying that the grounds had been measured for radioactivity, all very good and well but since we don't know what the levels were before the quake how do we know if there has been a significant increase and are the reading levels high? To be honest, I'm not sure, I spent hours looking for information and I am still no wiser. Hubby, who is a bit more capable when it comes to this kind of thing doesn't seem overly worried. Then there is the water, we live in a different town to the yochien, the yochien is in a bigger city with a more sensitive geieger reader so the readings are more accurate and differ from our town readings and out water comes from another source. The yochien said that the kids can take their own water bottles in in we want them to and that if the parents are worried about the food then you can send them with a bento but the menu must be the same as the yochien's menu. According to Ebi-kun no-one takes their own food but a couple of kids take their water bottle.

We had a big shake last night, wasn't big enough to make me get out of bed, I think I have have come a bit blase about it all, I will not get out of bed for anything less than a Mag 5.5! This was a shindo 4 up in Fukushima, yes, up near the nuclear plant that apparently won't be able to cope with another big quake. Earthquakes scare be but the thought of a tsunami terrifies me, I am so glad we live in a land locked prefecture and unlike Heather, we don't have a big dam (that I know of) nearby. That little niggle, is always there, in the back of your mind, that little 'what if'? Wears you down after a while.

Work has been very up and down, took a while to get going after the quake, May seemed to pick up, June was dead and July... we will see. I'm in a bit of a funk, trying to decide what I should put my energy into, I would like to teach some craft classes, I want to design some new patterns, I would love to have my own line of fabric, maybe write a craft book! I am going to take a break from the computer today, do a bit of sewing and write a plan...

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