Thursday 21 July 2011


A weekly round up of events after the quake.

I didn't get chance to write a post last week but there has been plenty in the new this week. To kick things off there was the radiated beef scandal, beef from cows in Fukushima who had been fed radiated rice hay has found it's way into supermarkets all over the country. I'm not worried about eating a one off piece of meat but I am worried about our regular food being contaminated, especially on a long term basis. Also, if the beef was contaminated it makes one wonder about the milk. This article from address the milk issue and has good advice on food consumption, the links though are all in Japanese. It has also come to light that kindergarten children were fed the contaminated beef, read more about that here. are looking for volunteers, they collect radiation levels around the country and plot the results on google maps.

I came across a new-to-me blog Uncanny Terrain which is being documented by a pair of Chicago film-makers who are spending the summer in Fukushima. The blog is 'a documentary about organic farmers facing Japan's nuclear crisis'. There are some interesting articles including the story of this dairy farmer fighting to keep his herd of 300 cattle alive, he wants them to be studied for the effects of radiation.

Apparently TEPCO have said the nuclear reactors are now stable, about bloody time, more on that here. I haven't seen the scientists predictions of what will happen if there is another big earthquake or whether the plant can stand up to a big typhoon, oh yes, and there is a big typhoon travelling across Japan right now!

Now for something a bit more uplifting, Quilts for Quake Survivors have some beautiful finished quilts in their store, pop over and have a look. If you are a quilter you can pick up a surprise bag for $25 so that you can make your own log cabin quilt, all the pieces are pre cut.

The BBC have also run a piece about the quake victims in shelters being comforted by robot seals, you need to watch the piece to get your head round that one!

Click HERE for the wishlist for victims of the earthquake, you can buy something off the list and know that is is needed and will go to  the right place. What a great idea, sadly, all in Japanese though.

Finally, nothing to do with the quake but useful if you are a foreigner in Japan, there are changes being made to the Immigration Control Act, you can read all about it here.

As always, if you have any post quake news articles or happy post quake stories, please let me know so that I can share them.

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  1. Don't get too discouraged by Japanese only links. can take a site and translate from Japanese to English

    The translation isn't always easy to understand, but if you think of it as ideas rather than an explicit translation, it is easier to get.


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