Thursday 28 July 2011


A weekly round up of event after the quake.

Not very much to share with you this week, I came across ganbatte365 which is a new project aiming to document  renewal in the aftermath of the quake by sharing stories.

A FB friend posted the link to this video, it  does not paint the Japanese government in a good light, it is disgusting that the victims of the nuclear reactor are being treated in such a way. It seems that they are victims in more than one way and they are not getting support financially and otherwise because they are not victims of a natural disaster - like the tsunami and earthquake victims. Many of the people Yasuyo is working with in Germany are in this situation, they don't live close enough to the reactor to get a 'pass' from the government and they were not affected by the actual quake but where they live is not where they want to be with their children due to the radiation, so very sad.

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