Saturday 2 July 2011

A new hat...

Tomorrow is Ebi-kun's yochien matsuri day, all the kids carry a portable shrine through the streets, well last year it was really hot and I got sun-stroke (being a fair skinned summer wuss that I am) so I decided a bigger, floppier hat would be required this year. I drafted a pattern following Cal's instructions here, the first was waaay to long, the second too bulbous, the third I thought was OK but then turned out a wee bit big, it is OK if I have my hair tied up! I used the ice-cream flowers fabric I printed on Spoonflower for one side...
The other side I decided to go for something a bit more grown-up and used this lovely ink and spindle fabric.
My initial plan was to use two of the summer lovin' fabrics from my collection but the quilting weight cotton wasn't really stiff enough, I could have used interfacing but decided to go with the ink and spindle fabric instead since it has a bit of extra weight. Hopefully it won't be too hot tomorrow when I give the hat it's first test run!

If you would like any of the summer lovin' fabric it is available here


  1. That's one gorgeous summer hat! I love the print.

  2. Lovely hats! I especially love the little house pattern.


  3. super cute Jo! glad the third try was a charm ;n)


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