Monday 11 July 2011

The pool...

We had a pretty full on weekend, Saturday we did the usual jobs around the house and then Ebi-kun and daddy went to buy new football shoes and I headed into town for some window shopping. I don't get into town very often and when I do it is usually for a reason so it was nice to just have a mooch. In the evening I met up with friends for a few beers (and almost a fight) then dinner, it was the first time these various friends had got together, it was a great night out and it was the first time I have been out for months, well needed! Sunday we did a spot of shopping and dropped by a cafe which was having a mini artisain fair we also picked up a new paddling pool. The yard gets really hot in the afternoon so I sewed some sheets together to make an awning which made a massive difference.

This time last year there is no way ebi-kun would have tipped a bucket of water on his own head! He hates having water on his face, from being a baby he would scream blue murder if someone splashed him so this is a big step forward!
 It felt rather exotic sitting under theses sheets!
Yes, I know his water clothes are too small, we are holding out until his birthday, only a couple of weeks to go, luckily it's not a public pool.
Just look at the style of my boy! the bucket on the head just about tops it off, he has a bit of a thing for buckets on his head, he used to wear a yellow one for a long time, until his head got too big! What did you get up to at the weekend?

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  1. We went kayaking for 3 hours where we live up in the Indian Arm. A bit choppy but that was fine. Manon is the same she does not like to get wet except when she's swimming. I found some vintage fabric at a church sale too so I am going to sew a nightie for her. She wants to wear a nightie and not PJ's anymore. Tomorrow is another day.;)


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