Sunday 17 July 2011

sweetie box magnets - tutorial

This is a quick one and encourages those little people to read and write notes.

What you need:
  • some sweetie boxes, I like these mini packs, they are handy to have in my bag for a treat on the train or other times in need of a sweetie fix (for Ebi-kun not me, well sometimes me)
  • some magnets, mine are from the ¥100 shop and are sticky on the back, you could use plain magnet and glue.
  • sellotape

First, use the sellotape and make sure the bottom of the box is sealed shut. Then peel the sticker off the magnet and stick to the box. Really, it was that easy!
Stick your new sweetie box magnet to the fridge or other magnetic place, hide your note inside and wait for some unsuspecting child to come and look for sweeties....
What? no sweeties, but what is this? It must be a secret message to where the sweeties are hidden.....
or maybe not! *evil cackle*
*please note that no children were mentally tortured when making this project, he scoffed the sweeties before we started! Ebi-kun then wrote little notes to daddy. See, told you it was easy and educational! 


  1. love this, easy and fun

  2. Thank you for the please note- the message combined with the look on poor ebi-kun's face was a little traumatic for me!

    PS I have beets waiting to fly your way. PM me your address. :)


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