Wednesday 20 July 2011

I ♥ LEGO®....

We love LEGO here, it is one of the best toys ever, I started having a look around Etsy for LEGO inspired party items but then ended up making a treasury...

Did you love LEGO as a kid? Me and my brother would spend hours with it. What I have noticed recently is people calling the plural of LEGO, LEGOS! what is with that, LEGO is a noun, the name of the company that make the bricks, if you are talking about several pieces then it is LEGO bricks and LEGO should always be spelt out in capitals because it is a registered trademark and it should have the ® mark after it too, if one were to get picky. Phew, glad I have got that off my chest!

Finally, that LEGO style fabric is the last bit I have got, it is no longer in print, I took all that the shop had, once it has gone it has gone for good!


  1. Thank God you agree that it's just LEGO! Phew! I think 'Legos' seems to be an Americanisation...? x

    p.s. My boys. Love. Lego. Too :)

  2. If you haven't already found LEGO a Day blog then I think you will find it as amusing as I do. thanks to that, we discovered the minifigures, recently blogged about here
    Long live LEGO! (and yes, I share your feelings about the plural)


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