Friday 5 August 2011


A weekly round up after the quake.

teddies for tohoku

I had an email from Rosemary this week, she has been to deliver more teddies, this is what she had to say...

This is to let you know that on Sunday, I finally had another chance to go to the coast (Ofunato this time, north of Rikuzentakata) for a summer holiday event in a school for kids of all ages, some with disabilities. It was mainly a concert organised by a talented musician from Hiraizumi whose song was featured on the NHK 'Minna no Uta' programme. I was asked to take 75 bears and just had enough, though I was concerned about the fair distribution of so many different types and sizes of bears. In the end we put them all out and the children chose the one they liked. There was a lovely moment when a boy with Down's syndrome rolled on top of them all because they looked so soft and cuddly (his embarrassed mother trying to pull him away). There happened to be a visiting child psychiatrist there who was very pleased with the idea of the bears and the message.
The coastal town of Rikuzentakata had been cleared much more so that now there were large flat areas with enormous (3-storey-high) mountains of rubble here and there. All the hundreds of smashed cars were neatly lined up in one place. But further out, in small villages along the coast, nothing has been cleared yet, apart from what locals have been able to do with their bare hands.
I want to say a huge "Thank you!" again to all of those dear people who bought or made and sent bears. Your kindness was very, very much appreciated and, I hope, will have a lasting effect in a troubled area. I'm going to continue collecting bears for the next chance to visit the coast.
Very best wishes,
This little girl has one of the teddies I made in her pocket.

           PS If you're interested, this is the translated message I give to the kids:
せかいじゅうには、いろいろなサイズや いろいろな いろの くまさんの ぬいぐるみがあります。みんな とくべつです。 なぜ? 
くまさんは、こどもたちが だいすきです。いつも、てをのばし、あなたを だっこしたいです。
くまさんは, いつでも あなたの  ささやきを きいて あげます。 うれしいことも、かなしいことも、 なんでもくまさんに はなせます。
このくまさんは,  たくさんの くにのともだちからの プルセントです。

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