Monday 1 August 2011

the day of the ninja....

Ebi-kun opted for a ninja theme this year, we had planned to have a picnic and paddle in the park but the weather was against us so we ended up with a few friends at the house.

The ninja rice balls went down a treat!

Everyone loved the ninja bunting, looks like we will be keeping it up for a while!

and of course we had to have a ninja cake, I decided against trying to turn the white icing black since last year I used almost a bottle of colouring on the marshmallow fondant to turn the castle walls gray, since Ebi-kun's favoiurite colour is green I opted for that instead. I also decided to go simple and sleek compared to last year!

Blowing out the candles...

Cutting the cake, ha!

 I made two round sponges and put extra in the plain tin so it would be thick enough to cut in half, sandwiched them together with a bit of butter icing.

 It was actually quite cool so we sent the kids out to burn off some sugar energy, my neighbour said she had bought some little water guns, I thought she meant small ones like the one daddy-ebi is holding so I figured the kids wouldn't get too wet but she actually got sponge soakers so they all ended up drenched, not the best move because no one had a change of clothes! Oh well, it was a lot of fun, wet fun and even daddy joined in and got soaked, I stayed dry only because I was holding a camera! So, not the birthday shanannigans I had planned but everyone enjoyed themselves and that is the whole point after all.


  1. LOVE the ninja rice balls. And the cake is awesome, love the layer of green in the middle. I am slowly going to put ninja thoughts into Shou's head so I can do that next year - otherwise Ryu will get it for his third birthday by default.

  2. Happy birthday ninja Ebi-kun!

  3. I LOVE your onigiri ninja's! I just featured them on my blog at . Hope that's okay! I love everything else about the party too.

  4. Hiraganamama - I don't mind as long as the credits and link back are given ;o)

  5. I LOVE your onigiri ninja's! the children are so cute and happy!


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