Monday 22 August 2011

a fun filled Saturday...

Saturday morning we popped over to a local department store where they were having a zakka craft fair. Most of the goods were in the country shabby chic type of style, not really my cup of tea but it is always interesting to see what is popular at the moment, I managed to get a few snaps but it was insanely busy so not as many as I would have liked...

My husband had told me that there would be a celebrity crafter there, whoo-hoo! Turned out to be Chiyo Kezuka, who I don't know of but I did recognise some of her work from magazines.

She makes this old fashioned styled dolls along with her other crafty things..

 and she was kind enough to pose for a picture! She seemed quite bemused by my butchering of the language but we did manage a little chat lol.

After all that excitement we picked up a bit of shopping and headed home for lunch then we went down to a friends for a farewell party. When they first arrived here, Ebi-kun was about 18mths old and E-chan, the girl in aqua was just 2, now there are the three girls and they are moving back to Canada this week. They had planned to stay one more year but with the earthquake they decided to move back earlier. Mel and I are good friends and so are our husbands, one of the downsides of living an ex-pat life is that friends come and go more often, the upside is that if we ever come in to a truck load of money, we have got friends all over the world to visit!

Anyway, they will be sorely missed, I don't think it has quite sunk in yet! Sadly our bilingual playgroup is getting smaller and smaller. Trying to get a decent group shot of the kids is nigh impossible, this was the best of about 10!

That was basically our weekend, how was yours?


  1. you should link up with "Weekend Snapshots" with Mom & Kiddo:

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! (Julie was so nice to suggest it) I like those lovely handmade dolls.


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