Friday 26 August 2011

more homework....making lolly pops

As part of the pile of homework Ebi-kun had to do was this calender, each page has an activity, putting stickers on a page, cutting something out, drawing something and making an ice lolly. There are also stickers to put in to make sure you brush your teeth and the row below is the unchi sticker (poo stickers, so you can put a sticker with a cute poo on it in the box when you have done one!) Luckily the yochien doesn't agree with the poo sticker bit so we can keep them and do with them whatever we like - oh joy!

I hope I haven't put you all off with all that talk of poo! Moving swiftly onto making an ice lolly...

First, chop a banana into chunks.

Place a chunk of banana into the bottom of a small paper cup, now we should have added some yoghurt too to stop the banana from floating but we didn't have any.

Stick a wooden lolly stick or spoon into the banana.

Pour in the juice of choice, or whatever happens to be in the fridge, don't fill right to the top though.

Not really sure why but cover with a piece of foil, poke the stick through the foil then place in the freezer for a few hours.

Later in the day, take it out of the freezer, peel away the paper cup and enjoy!

It was fun to make but we have very little freezer space so finding a spot to put it without it spilling was a bit of a nightmare (and the reason why I bought the Zoku!)


  1. when you say poo stickers, you mean they have to track their poo? that's so funny that you have to declare your bowel movement with stickers! :) :) :)

  2. that is EXACTLY what I mean!
    Can you imagine...
    Sensei: Haru-kun why didn't you bruch your teeth on the 22nd? and why didn't you do a poo on the 28th?

    lol - whatever next!


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