Saturday 13 August 2011

plastic clay...

I bought this but didn't actually know what it was, I do that sometimes, well to be honest I do it a lot! Anyway, this stuff is brilliant, I am still not really sure what it is or if it has a specific purpose but it kept Ebi-kun (and myself) busy for the best part of two hours, that means it was ¥250 well spent!

There are 6 blocks in the back, you need to have a bowl of very hot water on hand, I was a bit worried about this at first but I was worrying over nothing, not really recommended for younger kids though. You pop your block in the water, after 30 seconds or so you can see that it is starting to get soft, pick it out with a pair of chopsticks. When you take it out is is hot but cools quickly so within 10 seconds it was cool enough for Ebi-kun to work with it with his bare hands. Then the fun begins...

You can use it to make a mold, we tried dinosaur feet...

and LEGO blocks, I was trying to work out if you could then use the mold to make something else but you couldn't put anything hot in it, maybe playdoh? We will test that another time.

As it cools it gets hard so you need to soak it in the water again, I did have to keep topping up the hot water but apart from that it is non messy.

We tried pulling and stretching it...

Designing wearables, this (according to Ebi-kun) is a nose picking ring!

He stretched his piece to make a rather stylish necklace.

You can flatten it and pull it...

Encase other objects in it...

Make it into life like green worms...

Or artistic bunny rabbits...

Then, when you have had enough, just roll it into a ball for next time (it makes quite a good powerball, don't tell the kids!)

I bought some more but a different colour, next time we will try mixing them, what fun!


  1. That is so cool!!!!! I want some! I wonder if they have it in the states....hmmmm.

  2. so much fun!! what a great buy!

    i buy stuff from the stores so often even tho i have no clue what they do!! the joys of living in japan!

  3. wow. What a great colour too! How hard does it get? I mean would the rind be wearable? I'm liking the reusability of it!

  4. welcome back heather! yes, it stays hard, it goes back to it's original state.


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