Thursday 18 August 2011

The Rhythm Of Family

Yesterday I received a book in the post, it was the latest book from Amanda Soule but this one is a little bit different to her last two books, The Creative Family and The Handmade Home.

The Rhythm Of Family is written over the course of a year, each chapter represents a month, both Amanda and her husband Stephen write a passage for each month. If you have visited Amanda's blog Soule Mama, then you know what to expect, she has a special way with words, one that even makes muddy footprints on a newly mopped floor sound quaint and romantic.

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Not all of us can lead the life that the Soule family have and not everyone wants to, but those who would like to step back a bit from the hustle and bustle and reconnect with your family and nature then this is the book for you. Not only does each chapter have essays about their family, season and connections to nature, there are also 'make' and 'do' projects ranging from recipes for creamy potato soup to carving nature stamps. Some of the projects are by guest authors including a couple of my favourite bloggers, Amy from Angry Chicken and Maya from Maya*Made others ideas are Soule family projects, all are natural and wholesome to encourage you to go back to basics.

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the WHY question board, this is one my to make list now!

I read the majority of the book last night and finished it off this morning, it is a long time since a book has grabbed me like that! I think it would be a good nightstand book to pick up at the start of each month, to make you think of the rhythm of your own family and how to slow the pace. It is so easy these days to be caught up in the mad rush of life, the football classes, swim lessons, ballet classes, fit in homework and scheduled visits with friends, sometimes we need reminding to slow down and smell the roses as it were. Children are not children forever, it is easy to miss out on all those little yet important stages as we rush from one thing to another.

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image credits - Amanda and Stephen Soule

I have bookmarked several of the projects and can't wait for the cooler seasons to come round so I can make soup again. The summer holiday is upon us here so I plan to go through the book again, make some notes and get the family to decide on what to plan for in the coming months.

You can buy The Rhythm Of Family from The Book Depository (free worldwide shipping for those in far flung places), Amazon or your local bookstore.

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  1. I can't wait to read this one! I have her first book and love it.



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