Tuesday 16 August 2011

We are back...

The last few days have been the Obon holiday here, so we joined the masses and travelled half way across the country to visit the in-laws. The journey is a bit of a killer....

10 mins walk to the station
30 minute train ride
Buy eki-ben (station bento) and a present for jii-chan
30 minute shinkansen ride into Tokyo (bullet train - exciting because we get to ride the MAX)
2hrs 30 mins shinkansen ride
1hr 10 mins super express train
10 minutes car ride
made it!

We left just before 10am and arrived around 4 pm, at least the trains are air conditioned! Anyway, we had a great time at the in-laws and I will update you in due course, I have a pile of emails and a couple of orders to sort through first....

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  1. otsukaresama! All that changing of trains is the bit I hate. At least ebi-kun is now old enough to understand the journey, right?


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