Saturday 10 September 2011

another new pet...

Ebi-kun got off the yochien bus yesterday with a plastic bag with a knot in the top, inside were three grasshoppers, this was the biggest one! He wanted to keep them to show daddy so we put them in a bug box with some leaves but I thought they are meat eaters, so Ebi-kun agreed to release them in the morning. So he showed daddy before he went to work then wanted to draw them before letting them go, except we had to do the release a little earlier than anticipated because this big one was obviously hungry and decided to have a chew on one of the smaller ones! Oh well, another lesson learned.


  1. that is the hugest grasshopper I have ever seen! Is hugest a word? :)

  2. oh WOW that is a cool hopper. my kids have been doing entomology collects for a few years now but we have not found anything like that.


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