Friday 16 September 2011

A friend from yochien...

Ebi-kun got off the yochien bus yesterday with a plastic bag in his hand, last week it was the grasshoppers, this week it was a lizard! So we put him in the big bug box so Ebi-kun could show daddy. I should point out that sensei had made a breathe hole for the lizard.

Ebi-kun decided he wanted to draw his new friend so I took the opportunity to talk about making sketches, concentrating on just one part of the body. We got out the magnifying glass and took a close look at the lizards skin, Ebi-kun observed how the pattern was different in different places. Here is the page from his sketch book...

Because I have no intention of going out bug hunting so we can feed our new friend, we released him into the garden this morning, although he seemed to quite like Ebi-kun's yellow T-shirt, which looks like it had been screwed up in a ball before he put it on! I had to iron it before he went off this morning.

I wonder what kind of friend he will bring home next week? I draw the line at snakes!

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