Thursday 8 September 2011

A new shirt....

I have a love-hate relationship with sewing clothes and I would have to say that the majority of sewing disasters have been clothes related, so I was pretty chuffed that I managed to make a new shirt, from scratch and I didn't even have to unpick any seams! I had a shirt that I have worn to death, you know, one of those shirts that fits just so and feels really comfy, anyway, it had died beyond repair so I sat for THREE nights unpicking the seams so that I could use it to make a pattern. The original had a collar but I chose not to bother and just have a simple neck line and I went all out with cute buttons instead.

It looks better on with a belt as the fabric is lighter than the fabric of the original shirt.

And the sleeves look a bit funny in the picture but when there are arms in them they are kind of puffy. Now I have a pattern that I know works I can make variations of the same shirt, maybe with some of the lovely Echino prints.

On another note, Ebi-kun had to go for a vaccination yesterday, one that he had missed for some reason, I think we were in the UK. Anyway, he was really good, no tears but later in the day he got a dodgy tum and he said he felt a bit strange, he was the same this morning so he is off yochien today, so much for my first full week to work! We have a got a pile of crafts-we-want-to-try so I think we will be doing some today and I will see if I can bribe him to help me sort out the pantry, that will teach him to be sick lol!


  1. Very cute shirt I love how you have 3 different buttons that go from large to small.

  2. I'm more than a bit jealous that you are so talented. I need to get back to sewing myself...someone gave me a nice stash of fabric yesterday. And I've been meaning to make Mr. Intensity a bag. You've inspired me, Jo!


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