Saturday 3 September 2011

Poetry and Preserves...

If you are looking for the giveaway post it is HERE.

A quick update on the husband situation, he is on the mend but not yet back to swigging beer so not 100% right! 5 of the 10 people in his office have come down with the same thing but the weird thing is that it hasn't been passed on to any of their family members, very odd. Anyway, he is feeling better and thank you for your well wishes.

Ebi-kun wrote his first poem the other day about a subject close to his heart - Dragons! There might be some fancy name for this type of poem I'm not sure, the initial from each line spells the subject...

                                                            Dragons are fierce.
                                                            Roar, roar, roar
                                                           And sometimes fly
                                                           Grab treasure
                                                           Of rubies, gold and emeralds
                                                           Never show fear
                                                                             Ebi-kun Aug. 2011

We have been reading quite a bit of poetry recently, he is smitten with Winnie the Pooh and we have the complete works and he also enjoys the nonsense poems of Dr Suess. When we were in England I picked up a bargain books of  poems for children in the charity shop it was a pound along with two other books and it looks like new! I wouldn't be that bothered about poetry if we were in the UK as I know it is something that is covered at school but here I am his English teacher and it is an important part of language building.

I have also got myself a new recipe book, Preserve It!, I will review it properly when I have given it a good test run, so far I have tried the preserved lemons which are used a lot in tagine cooking (and you know how much I love my tagine), they won't be ready for a month or so.

I also tried the lemon cordial which is great, the recipe made 1.5 bottles and we are already on the second bottle. The pink stuff is blueberry vinegar that my husband made, which is surprsingly nice (considering I don't like vinegar!)

Are you into food preserving? if so, what is your favourite recipe? 


  1. ooo wow ive never gotten into it but my grandmother loves preserving things, she has jars and jars of stuff and its soo yum

  2. The style of poem is called an Acrostic. Very cool. I love the lemons. I hope they work out well.

  3. Annicles, thank you for letting me know, I thought it must have a name!

    Mum and Dad Ryan - my granparents too, they had a garage that they never put a car in but it was filled with jams, pickles, chutneys, homemade wines and beers, I wish I could go back in time and ask grandad for all his recipes!


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