Wednesday 5 October 2011

Fizzy Fun....

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We have been having fun with the latest Action Pack magazine, this months theme is zap and zest, there are loads of fun experiments in it this time.

Ebi-kun had a friend round to play so I set up enough equipment for both of them to do it, they had a lot of fun pouring and watching the mix bubble up...

And then tipping it out and doing it all over again but trying with different colours. We also tried the experiment where you put the ingredients in a box, when they mix together it is supposed to pop the lid off but it was a bit of a flop, well I'm not sure if it was the experiment or the little scientists way of doing it.

After all that I mixed up some chalk paint* and then they painted the road! M-chan usually comes with her mom and siblings, they just live down the road but her sister was sick so she came to play by herself. When her mom came to collect her she bought us a present of 2 apples and a bag of little jellies for looking after M-chan, how very Japanese!

* mix together 1 cup cornstarch, 1 cup water and a bit of food colour, you might have to add a little more water or corn starch to get the consistency just right.

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