Monday 31 October 2011

Halloween Party

Ebi-kun has been looking forward to the Halloween party all month, he changed his ideas for a costume about 7 times a day! Eventually he decided we should go as a family of witches and wizards. One of the cool things about living in Japan is that they have smaller sized cleaning items, like the broom, perfect mini wizard size! Took him a while to master hovering on the spot....

He also insisted that he needed evil make-up, my mom had sent a package with Halloween baking tins and some make-up but they didn't turn up until Saturday evening, which meant we could use the make-up but I will have to save the tins until next time.

Koko and jack who organised the party hired a room in the community hall and each child had a game organised, so they took it in turn playing the various games.

Here is Wizard Ebi manning the find the eyeball game. The box has two holes cut in the top and another cut in the back. There are 3 pairs of eye-balls (ping-pong balls), you have to put your hand in one hole and pick out an eye-ball then put your hand in the other hole and try and pick out a matching eye.

The first hole has nothing but the eye-balls and Wizard Ebi's hand hidden inside so he was grabbing the kids and scaring them, only works the first time with each kid though and worked great on the other parents. The other side had a plastic box with the eyes buried in konyaku noodles in it, which are wet and slimy and feel revolting, I think Mario's face sums it up lol.

After the games we had a pot luck lunch, I was glad to see that I wasn't the only one who took revolting food...

To finish off the kids designed a face for the pumpkins and we carved two of them, then it was a mad rush to get tidied up before we got kicked out of the room.

Once the room was sorted we walked over to Koko and Jack's house stopping at a cake shop to do some 'trick or treating'.....

The boys raced around in the park whilst they were waiting for another group to arrive, Koko and a lady from an English school had joined forces for the trick and treating so there were about 40 odd kids.

With it being an organised events the kids were led to the houses that were participating, this won't be obvious to those who don't live in Japan, but the neighbourhood where Koko lives is not Japanesey at all, the big houses with yards and gardens, big wide streets some of the pedestrian, I have never been to North America but it felt like we were walking around somewhere in America!

Good fun was had by all, Koko and Jack did a great job as usual and we are already planning on what to do for next year.....

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