Monday 17 October 2011

The lost cafe and ice-cream farm...

Yesterday we didn't have anything planned except for the weekly grocery shopping so we decided to go to Enomoto farm where they sell lovely ice-cream but before that we needed some lunch. Daddy-ebi got on the ole internet and asked if I knew this cafe, showing me a picture. I looked at it and recognised it, he checked the address and told me it is near the big park. I took a look at the map but couldn't place it, now when I go over to the supermarket by bike I cut through the park and I know all the little side streets around it but couldn't for the life of me think where it was. So, we jump in the car and drive over and go round and round, up and down all the little and I mean little, side streets but nothing! So, we decide to phone them. Turned out that the address was wrong and it is was actually over by the high school, and of course I recognised it, I have been there before and it is on a main road so we have driven past it numerous times! When we got there the owner explained that the address had changed (not the location). The same happened with our house, although we haven't moved we were given a new address a few months ago - confused? Me too, I pity the postie!

Anyway... we had lunch which was lovely, we usually just order two main meals and Ebi-kun gets to share, there were only 3 main dishes but they did have a good selection of drinks and cakes, I am thinking I should go over with a pile of hand sewing, it would make a nice change from sitting in the house each day.

After the cafe we went over to the farm, we haven't been for a good while and I think everyone had the same idea, it was really busy. It is on the cycle bath so it is always bustling with (mostly) men in really tight pants and funny shoes. I forgot to take a snap of the ice-cream, I had apple-pie ice-cream, top marks! Then we went to see the animals. Ebi-kun was quite smitten with this little fella, you can buy them for ¥3000, seems like quite a bargain!

This little calf was only 3 days old and adorable, she is sucking his fingers here..

And of course we had to come home with a new friend.... 

Then it was back to do the shopping and that was that. Did you do anything exciting?


  1. This looks like an exciting afternoon. Your little one looks like he's having a wonderful time. We just visited a dairy farm and ice cream shop this past week and it really is a fun stop. Stopping by from AfterSchool, glad you linked up.

  2. The animal in the last photo is a walking stick, yes? It is so cool! Thanks for linking up to my humble little linky! :)

  3. it's a praying mantis, I didn't realise that they come in brown too!

  4. Must be walking stick week - my son found 4!

  5. We just acquired a praying mantis as well. Looked like you guys had a blast :)


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