Thursday 27 October 2011

More books..

These two books were sent to us by Glogotton to review along with ones ones we reviewed last week.

Toot Toot Zoom!
The first is Toot Toot Zoom by Phyllis Root, a cute story about Pierre who lives by himself and has no friends so he decided to drive to the other side of the mountain to find some friends. Along the way he meets goat, sheep and bear. It is a fun book to read and I am sure most kids will be like Ebi-kun and join in with the 'Toot Toot Zoom' bit. 

Ebi-kun says 'I like the bit when they get to the top of the hill and have no brakes and the car crashes'
Ebi-kun gives this book 
I also give it 

The second book is Alpha Monsters by Chris Kennett, who has a blog over here.

The book is about a boy who finds himself in a strange land and helps Monster A find his teddy. The illustrations are fun and the text is all in rhyme and there is a nice happy ending. I thought it was going to be 'too young' for Ebi-kun but he really likes it. The teacher side of me wouldn't use this as an ABC learning book since all the monsters are in upper case and I am an advocate for learning lower case and phonics first but I think it would be a fun book for kids who have learnt lower case and I am sure there are some fun activities to be done with the kids creating their own monsters, it would be fun to have a whole class work on a monster alphabet of their own. We have been working on Halloween crafts at the moment so we haven't had chance to try any out. I did find a couple of places where the flow of the words didn’t work so well or maybe I need to read it in an Aussie accent!
I don't know if it is cutesy enough for most girls but it is definitely a good boys book.

Ebi-kun says 'I like it where the different alphabet monsters were doing things, my favourite monsters are X and U with frozen underpants *sniggers*'
Ebi-kun gives this book 
I give it 1/2

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