Friday 28 October 2011

Printing woes...

Up until now I have done all my pattern printing on my printer at home, which, when it is working properly prints out beautifully but it is rather tempremental and it costs me a small fortune in ink so I decided to look into some profession printing. Of course I have the disadvantage of not being able to read Japanese very well but I have found some places I can use. The most economic way if for me to do the colour printing at one place and the black and white elsewhere, I discovered that all 7/11's have really fancy copy machines and we have one just down the road so I can print out what I need when I need it rather than having boxes of papers all over the place.

So, in between school checks, birthday shopping, cauldron making and the usual everyday goings on I am re-formatting all my patterns so they will be set up and ready to print at the drop of a hat with the new system!

Now, this is a long shot and not really the conventional way to go about looking for staff but I am looking for someone who is willing to take over sales and marketing for me, preferable someone who speak Japanese as I would like to have the patterns translated for the Japanese market in the future. Plus, someone with a background in sales and net savvy. It will be a commission based position rather than a salary and completely flexible so you can fit it around the kids or whatever. If you are interested, lets talk!
drop me a line at jojoebi.designs 'at' gmail 'dot' com

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