Thursday 24 November 2011

Close Up...

My brother gave ebi-kun a microscope set a couple of years back, usually I have to set it up but he can pretty much do it and get things in focus by himself now. We started off at looking at the sugar crystals, then got out the flowers from the press, they were really cool, then he went outside to see what other small things he could find. Daddy arrived home half way through our experimentation so we had to do it all again with him.

Other news, just before we went to Hakone I managed to break the sewing machine, the engineer came out but couldn't reach the tiny spring that had fallen inside so he had to take it off to the sewing machine hospital. He did leave me another to use so at least I could get the custom order I was working on finished. *phew*

Most of the time I love Ebi-kun's yochien but not this week. Saturday and Sunday is the autumn festival so this week, Tuesday was a half day, Wednesday a national holiday (can't hold that against them), Thursday there is no yochien but the moms have to go in to prepare for the festival, Friday a day off. Saturday and Sunday we have to go to the festival then Monday and Tuesday are off and Wednesday I have to go in again to clean up after the festival. Basically a whole week of faffing around, this alone is enough of a deterrent for having a second child, you can bet you life that the work that needs doing could be done in an hour but it will take at least three. grumble, grumble, grumble.....

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  1. Yay for science! I need to get my kidlets (ie me) a microscope).

    So glad you got a loaner machine. Bet it's not the same as your own, though, right? I've tried to buy new machines but always return them and go back to the old Singer that is the same as the school singer I learned on 20 years ago!


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