Monday 21 November 2011

The spark...

Thursday is library day at the yochien, the kids can go and choose any two books from the 7000 that they have. They are not just story or picture books they have plenty of non fiction too. Ebi-kun was so excited to show me what he had bought home this week that he couldn't get through the door and as he pulled the book out he still had his raincoat half on! It was a book all about Picasso (I thought he had found a new Curious George book, another favourite), he couldn't wait to sit down and read it, he sat there going through page by page shouting 'look, it is a different Blue period picture' or 'look, did you see this cubism one'? Seeing that spark, that excitement and love of finding something, the enthusiasm just bursting out makes all the effort of finding the right materials to ignite the spark worth the while.

We have also had some fun making Picasso style portraits using Picassohead, I am not a big fan of tv/computer/video games for kids but when we live in a world dominated by technology I don't feel it is wise to ban it completely so Ebi-kun does have a bit of computer time maybe an hour a week. We both had fun playing on this though, I do think you should introduce Picasso (see previous post) and his art style before playing on it so that the child gets the most from the experience.

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