Saturday 19 November 2011

Thinking about the advent calendar...

Last year we were travelling during the advent season so I made the travelling advent calendar, I got a set of Japanese karuta cards with a dinosaur theme and put two in each envelope, wrote the number of the day on one of the polka dots for each envelope then strung them on a ring, made it easy to take with us and he ended up with a full set of playing cards at the end.

We will be at home this year so I needed to think of something to put in the advent stockings....

In previous years he has had the Muji mini pens shown below and the wooden Muji city pieces, it is difficult to find something with the right amount of pieces.


So this year I got a set of Where's Wally playing cards, on each card there is a Wally hiding so they should keep him doubly interested! I am going to put in a Christmas themed joke in each stocking too and then on days when he is off yochien I will add an activity for the day.

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