Friday 16 December 2011

ninja bum....

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The seams on the shorts that the kids wear for yochien tend to 'give' so about this time in the school year most of the kids end up with patches on their bum, Ebi-kun had managed to wear a hole in his patch so I had to patch his patch, if you know what I mean, this time I made a ninja patch, who wouldn't want to run around with a ninja on their bum? He has a robot on the other pair, for any other moms who need to do this, the iron on felt available in craft store works a treat!

I asked Ebi-kun about the bum patches, he said that only two kids in his class don't have them, one of the girls has a really cute bear with floppy ears, another has a pixar 'car' which is that big it wraps around his whole bum. It would make for a great class photo, all the kids lined up showing off their bum patch lol.

I had a slight panic attack this morning when I realised that ebi-kun finishes yochien next Tuesday and that he is on half days next week, then worked out what I have to do between now and the big day. Needless to say it is a mad dash to the shops today to get the last bits and bobs - so much easier without ebi-kun in tow. I suppose you are wondering why I am sitting here on the computer instead of shopping, well, in Japan the majority of stores don't open until 10am, insane right! That includes the supermarkets, I know there are a few that open at 9am but the three round here don't open until 10am, non of the shopping malls/department stores open until 10am and in some places it is 11am - crazy. It is one of the things that drives me nuts. We do have a 7/11 down the road that is open if you really need something but still, anyway, off topic...

Tomorrow we are going to see the ice-candles and Sunday is my birthday whoo-hoo, daddy-ebi has some exciting things lined up which was supposed to be a surprise but he already told me what it is!

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