Saturday 24 December 2011

A triple celebration....

Yesterday was a national holiday because it is the Emperor of Japan's birthday, so we invited a few friends round for a little Christmas party, it is a while since some of the kids have seen each other so we played a couple of games to break the ice.

Koko and Jack were also celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, so basically we had three good reasons to party :o)

 Ms. Clause popped in with presents for all the kids...

Ebi-kun was super happy because he got the next Beast Quest book, he had finished the last one of the first set that morning, he is totally addicted to these books and I must admit, they are really exciting.

It was a lovely day, not our usual 23rd trip to Tokyo but it was great to spend it with good friends, there was a great mix of foods, I love pot luck parties! and we have enough left overs so I don't have to do much in the way of cooking today - even better. Daddy-ebi has to work today so Ebi-kun and I are going to have a nice relaxing day, I will cook the turkey this evening, I can't fit the turkey and veg in the oven together, so it is the turkey today and prep the veg and then on the big day I will do the veg. If you are like me and pretty useless at working out roasting times, there is a great Roasting Calculator you can use. Ebi-kun is super excited about Santa coming, I hope those who celebrate Christmas as excited too!

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