Friday 6 January 2012


I am not one for making resolutions as such, I don't keep them so what is the point? Maybe it's because I usually make them too specific, this year it is all very vague, I started the new year with a head cold and my head still feels very vague. I do feel like I need some goals, something to aim for, so these will get me started...

  • Not to buy more fabric until I have made a good dent in what I have. I am planning on sorting through anything I am not likely to use and donate it to Quilts For Japan who are making up sewing kits to send to Tohoku.
  • To get back into shape and to start yoga again, if anyone has a good DVD recommendation please share.
  • To make a solid decision about the direction I want to take jojoebi.designs, I started off well last year then the quake hit and everything went pear shaped, I need to get back on top of everything, sort out my priorities and stop getting distracted. This year Ebi-kun starts school so this should be the year I buckle down and get things going properly.
  • To exhibit at Design Festa
  • To step out of my comfort zone more often both personally and professionally.
  • To be organised enough to make up a Montessori 'pack' using the swap packages for Ebi-kun each month (better get my arse into gear with this months!)
I am not really back into work mode yet, Ebi-kun doesn't start back at yochien until next Tuesday and my foggy brain isn't helping matters. So, this weekend on my to-do list is.... to sort out the fabric, make something for my step sisters new baby, born yesterday and get Ebi-kuns first Montessori pack organised.

Do you have any resolutions/plans for the year?

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  1. One resolution is to be more active socially (in real life and online). So I'm going to stop just lurking on my favourite blogs and actually leave comments!
    I've been enjoying reading about the activities you do with ebi-kun, and am looking forward to being able to do the same one day with my son (in a few years). So I'm really looking forward to future posts on the Montessori packs.


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