Saturday 7 January 2012

Thank you...and a small gift

Call me old fashioned, but I think it is important to send a proper thank you for gifts, I don't go as far as the Japanese thing of calculating a third of the original gifts cost then sending a present back worth the third but a card will do nicely.
Now, I didn't want to force Ebi-kun to sit and write a massive pile of cards, no fun and it will turn into resentment so I came up with a plan.... using some of his new Ninjago Lego and using the business card holder idea as a base we made a stand to hold blank cards.
Then we cut out a pile of cards and Ebi-kun wrote little thank you's on each one, we popped it into the holder and took a photo. Once we had worked through the pile I loaded them onto the computer and cropped them to size and printed them onto postcards.

I wrote the addresses on the back and Ebi-kun wrote a message or drew a picture on each one, pretty painless and a lot more fun!

If you don't want to go through the hassle of making each card I photographed a blank one so you could print this out and write a message on the blank area. This image is low resolution so I recommend printing it form the Flickr image HERE. I sized it for a standard Japanese postcard so the image is 140mm x 90mm but you could resize it if your local postcards are a different size.


  1. That is such a fantastic idea!! Good job Ebi-kun and super ingenious mummy. Bet the recipients will be stoked.

  2. I'm going to incorporate this into our thank you card ritual, especially as the kids get older and start taking their own photos!

    Legos [oh wait, I mean lego bricks] rule!

    And even though post cards are much more of a Japanese thing, I think we will look into posting some instead of the notes with envelopes. They are so much fun when you use your own images.


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