Wednesday 18 January 2012

The Treasure Boat.....

We have finished the treasure boat for the BIG Kids magazine and Lilla a collaboration, there is still time to enter if you are quick. It has been a lot of fun and a lot of discussion and delving into books has taken place. We started off brainstorming our ideas about treasure and from that we thought about how we could put these things or things to represent everything on the list.

Next job was to make the ship, originally we thought of using a milk carton but after a rummage through the recycling box we found a card egg carton and decided to use that instead. We cut it in two and stuck the lid to the bottom then Ebi-kun got to work with the paint, first brown and then he dabbed on some gold using the technique he used when making the spell book.

And then it was time to fill the boat. We found a mini cactus which was just the right size to fit in the hole and for fish we made them out of shrinky dinks, we haven't done shrinky dinks for a while so it was fun to get them out again.

Next we went on a treasure hunt looking for some mini books that I had made a while ago and some money (he wanted to look in my purse for that, not his money box!)

We found a Lego ninja with a hoard of treasure and some 'real' gold pieces, this are actually some scatter stones that I have had for years and never really had a use for, they look great in Ebi-kuns treasure chest.

The exploration took us to the bedroom closet to find the box of animals and a rather big bug.

And then it was outside to collect some soil, water and air - yes they are bento soy sauce bottles! When we made the fish Ebi-kun also made 'giraffe' who is his favourite cuddly toy.

We put everything in the holes and got to work on the masts and sails. More exploring led us to finding some chopsticks that fit in the pre-made holes just so.

Then using some paper we had left over from when we being marbling with ink, Ebi-kun drew on the last four pieces of treasure, himself, me and daddy and a crown. The crown is a felt spotty one that he wears all the time.

Now, all the treasure is loaded and ready to set sail, I wonder where the first port of call will be?


  1. The treasure boats look greaT! What a delightful thing to make.

    1. thank you Trishie, we had a lot of fun making it!

  2. What an AWESOME treasure boat! What fun the adventurers will have on their journey...


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