Friday 20 January 2012

Using Pinterest as an educational resource...

I think Pinterest is the bees knees, I can finally bookmark all the great things around the web in a visual way, I started off with arty/crafty/design sort of boards but it wasn't long before I started pinning things for Ebi-kun with the Fun For A 6 Year Old Board and a more general For The Kids Board. Then when I was researching ideas for the Picasso project I started an Art Ideas board which was a great way to keep everything in one place so I could go back and print out things at a later date.

tiny bow and arrow by The Booding Hen

Sometimes I will see a cool experiment or or some Montessori type project that I would like to use in the future so I ended up with a general Montessori Board plus ones for Science, Maths and Geography. If I have one request for Pinterest (just in case someone from over there happens to read this), I would love to be able to organise boards with sub categories like Flickr uses collections and sets, now I have so many boards it sometimes takes me a while to find the right board!

Constellation Key Chain by Nature Watch

My latest board was for a trip to Barbados, a virtual trip that is. Ebi-kun got his first continent swap package this week (I will write it all up when he has finished it off today) and the destination was Barbados, I collected some suitable pictures so they were all in one place. Google is amazing but Google search results, even with the filters on sometimes turn up rather 'unexpected' results on seemingly honest search term, using Pinterest I can control the content that Ebi-kun is subjected to.

Pinned Image
Barbados via Flickr
As much as I love Pinterest it can sometimes become a bit over whelming, information overload, so it is good to stay realistic, I might have pinned 20 fantastic ideas onto a board but in reality we might only ever get round to doing one or two. What with yochien, his book addiction and new obsession with Ninjago it is difficult enough to squeeze anything else into the day nevermind 20 cool projects!

The same goes for creativity, sometimes a blast of inspiration is what I need to get going on a new project but other times it feels like the creativity is being sucked out of me and is seeping into the computer, time to turn off the computer and head outdoors and escape to My Secret Garden, I'll see you there.

Pinned Image
Secret garden via


  1. I just discovered Pinterest and agree - it is the bees knees!

    1. What a great idea to make Montessori Pinterest Boards! I also wish you could have sub boards under a category!! Mine are all on a Board entitled "school"
      Cathie Perolman

  2. having sub categories would be great, mine are now Montessori science, Montessori math etc.


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