Monday 20 February 2012

Getting into Hot Water...

The other day, one of Ebi-kuns classmates moms, Eri-San gave me a flyer for a craft fair at a place called Hot Water 2nd which sells British antiques. It certainly had me intrigued so yesterday we popped along.

Eri-san makes lovely handmade soaps, I think they rent out the table space each event and it looked like some people were sharing a table, I will have to investigate further. Eri-san was selling her soaps alongside someone who makes pretty flower arrangements.

Considering there were only a few stalls there was a wide range of goods to be had, handmade notebooks made from vintage wallpaper....

Looks like I am not the only one with a little house obsession! Cute little hot pads.

These unglazed matryoshka were adorable... 

The setting was cute too, although it was a bit like being at my granma's house!

 and here is some of Eri-sans soap, it is avocado and marine and smells divine!

I think it would be fun to do a stall somewhere like this sometime but it would certainly mean stepping out of my comfort zone and it also made me think of my friend Kym, she would have LOVED this place but she went and moved back to Malaysia! I have to go into yochien again on Friday and Eri-san usually gives me a lift so I will try and find out a bit more about it all... in my bumbling Japanese!


  1. How awesome! I LOVE those matryoshka dolls (must be the Russian in me)!

  2. Your stuff would be perfect for that. What beautiful stuff everybody has. I too love the little Russian dolls. Adorable. Stepping out of comfort zone builds character I'm sure. Bet you make a whole new group of crafty friends too. Good luck!!

  3. I love it ;) especially the Eiffel name !!!


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