Tuesday 7 February 2012

Little Houses project - update & FAQ

Thank you to everyone who has tweeted/blogged/FB/emailed about the little houses project, especially Sew Mama Sew who posted it on FB, I know many of you have come over from there, nice to have you here.

I have had quite a few little house photos so far, I am hoping that I can make some kind of display or collection with all the pictures once all the houses have been collected, which is why I asked for the photos to be on a white background.

and some questions answered....
Q1. If I make more than one house, can I pack them all in one ziplock?
No, please pack each house and letter in it's own bag so that it is easier for Joni to distribute them.

Q2. How big should the finished house be? 
Roughly 9cm x 19cm, depending on the paper format you use the print out maybe slightly bigger or small but don't worry about it, they will not have to pass Japanese building regulations.

Q3. What should I write in the letter and is a card OK instead.
Yes, a card is fine as is a picture drawn by your kids. The letter doesn't need to be long winded, just a message of hope, here are a few Japanese phrases in case you want to include one or two.....

kokoro wa hitotsu (one heart)
ouen shiteru yo (we are supporting you)
ichinen tattemo wasuretenai (We won't forget even if one year has passed)
ippo ippo minna no sutekina mirai e (step by step for a wonderful future)
ganbare or gambatte (doesn't translate well but it words of support)

And here are the first few houses to come in, I love how they are all so different. If you can keep helping to spread the word that would be great!

from Beatriz

from Andrea of Artisan In The Woods

From Heather

From Lizzie (12) and Kate

From Kathy from Running With Rocket

from Melita in Slovenia


  1. On this post I can only see the images from Beatriz, Heather and Melita. All of the rest don't show.

    1. thank you! I have tried re-loading the images, hopefully they are OK now?


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