Wednesday 15 February 2012


We have been taking a look at MC Escher and he skill in tessellations, we had a look at some of his work online and There are some little videos on the MC Escher website (click downloads in the menu) that shows how his optical illusions work.

This was one of the projects where I had to kind of bribe Ebi-kun to stick with it. It didn't help that out first attempt was a disaster! To make a shape that will fit together you need to start off with a square and take a bit from the bottom and add that piece to the top then do the same with left and right. The first time we drew a curved line but when it came to cutting out it was hard to do it accurately so they didn't fit together well.

So... we started again but this time used straight lines and a ruler and it proved to be much easier to cut out. We made a couple of templates from card then cut out lots of shapes from construction paper, then the fun started. It wasn't until Ebi-kun started to glue the pieces and fitting them together that he really understood how clever it all is.

He stuck the pieces to a large piece of white paper first.

Then when it was all dry we cut it out, looks good on the dark background. Ebi-kun was really proud with it when he finished and told me he was glad he didn't quit. I am not one for forcing him into doing things he doesn't want to do but on this occasion I knew it the problem was that he didn't 'get it' coupled with the initial disaster.

From this, I made a mental note to make a clearer presentation and to try things out by myself before doing them together! I want to try doing it using the light table next...


  1. I am curious how you come up with all the great projects you do with your son? Are they coming from yochien? or are you doing them on your own? I sometimes feel like I am neglecting my son because I don't ever really "play" or do projects with him. He enjoys his legos.

    1. Hi Mama, No, they are not yochien projects unless I am showing you the final result, most of the projects that I come up with, either off the top of my head, recycled teaching games, things I have found on the web etc.
      Of course Ebi-kun loves his Lego and playing by himself BUT because I want him to be fully bilingual I make an effort to come up with projects that will expand his vocab and knowledge.

    2. Good thinking. I am worried about my son's english and that he will lag behind in ready and writing, but I haven't figured out a way of getting started that works for us yet. I've already realized that his vocab is very limited compared to my American friends' kids. However, I don't want to push him too hard, but it seems like some of the projects you have would be great to do with him. It also doesn't help that we have a 1.5 yr old who always wants to do everything with big brother. I am really inspired by your bog and then things you do with your son.

    3. I think making the activity fun and not like a 'lesson' is the key, kids pick up language quickly. Talking about what you are doing and getting him to tell someone else what he was doing helps reinforce any new words he picked up. We use my mom for this, we video chat a few time a week so she asks Ebi-kun what he has been doing, not only does it make it concrete in his head the actual activity but also gets him to practice new vocab.
      As for having a little one around, is there anything you could do when he has a nap? or find activities that they can both join in with, spin art painting in a salad spinner is fairly mess free and kids all ages like doing it. Or get the older one sewing buttons whilst the younger one sorts them.
      Let me know how it goes :o)


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