Thursday 2 February 2012

A treasure filled month...

We have had a LOT of fun with all the treasure/pirate activities we did last month, here is a quick round

We built a treasure boat for the Lilla a and the Big Kids Magazine collaboration.
I shared my treasure with you and made a treasure filled treasury.
We went on a trip to Barbados.
Made light board treasure ship pictures
Ate a MTD full of gold.
I added the Cloth Treasure Map to the jojoebi designs collection, now available in the shop.

We have been reading Pirateology, and watching Pirates of the Caribbean (I and II)
I have been stitching up pirate themed embroidery and made my first themed party pack (don't forget the giveaway).

and...... we have been singing this song FAR TOO MUCH!

Ha, I hope that is stuck in your head too!

So, what is this months theme? I will give you a clue it will involve sunflowers, tessellations and windmills....

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  1. Love having this song in my head! Thanks Jo for such a fantastic treasure round up:)


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