Friday 24 February 2012

Tulips from Amsterdam...

It has been a while since Ebi-kun has done parts of flower so, before we did the dissecting we did some review work. Starting off with the parts of flower puzzle, it is too easy for him to put back into the base now so he made it on the mat, a bit more of a challenge.

Then he got the felt flower out, I made this many moons ago and found it when I was looking for the three part cards. All the pieces are cut from felt and the name labels I printed out then stuck onto felt, this means the whole thing can be used on a felt board.

Next, he used the 3 part cards and once I was sure he could remember the parts of the flower we go down to business...

And the tulip got it! Daddy-ebi had bought some flowers for valentines and a few of them were on their last legs, or should that be stems? Anyway, we decided to cut them open and see what is inside....

We compared different flowers and noted how they had the same parts even though the overall structure was different, Ebi-kun then wanted to have a closer look so went and got his microscope out.

The other one-going flower experiment we have is having white flowers in colored water as of yet there hasn't been much in the way of change, worked much better last time we did it, maybe the water needs to be a stronger colour?

I have to go into yochien today for the play rehearsal, I think the rehearsal is more for the moms, the kids all seem to know what they are doing. I am on 'small parts duty' whatever that means! The next couple of weeks are going to be super busy, I am sure March will fly by.

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