Monday 27 February 2012

Windmills... tutorial

After we watched a couple of clips on youtube about windmills we got to work to make some, a quick and fun craft to do. This one shows peanut oil being made, it's not the best quality but you can see the process.

What you need:
square piece of paper, we used origami paper
toilet roll middle
hole punch
ruler and pencil

On the back of your paper draw a cross going from corner to corner then measure 2cm from the centre down each line, this is where you will cut to. Also mark a point to punch the holes, we just eyeballed it, you can see where on the picture below, you also need to punch a hole in the middle.

Cut along the lines until you reach the 2cm point and then punch the holes in the corners of the 'sails' and the centre. Punch another hole in the top of the toilet roll middle.
Fold the corners of the paper (with the hole punched in it) into the middle, aligning all the holes - little ones will probably need some help here. Push the brad through the holes and the the one on the toilet roll middle, open the back of the brad but not too tightly or your sails won't move.

and your done, you can always decorate the toilet rolls middles too, or cut a door in it. If you want to make these for outside then I recommend using plastic sheets and a pole or stick rather than a toilet roll. I must say, I am loving all the funky origami paper that is around at the moment.

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