Wednesday 7 March 2012

Action Pack...

Just a quick hello this morning, off to yochien again for the show they put on for the new kids!

The new Action Pack is out and it is jam packed with Mad Scientist experiments and looks like a whole lot of fun!
Action Pack - Mad Scientist

Although it is aimed at 7-12 year olds, I have bought issues in the past and been able to do quite a few of the experiments (with supervision) with Ebi-kun, who won't turn 7 until the summer. I think kids that are a bit older than Ebi-kun will get more out of it but I figured we can always redo the experiments again and he will probably take more from it the second time round. It is delivered as a PDF and the great thing about that is that I can just print out the pages we need.

Action Pack - Mad Scientist
And, if you missed out on the previous issues, you can now buy them at a discount rate in a bundle! Action Pack is put together by Kathreen of Whip Up fame, in case you missed it, I interviewed her a few weeks back, here.

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