Saturday 31 March 2012

BIG Kids Magazine...

It arrived! Ebi-kun scuttled off with it before I had chance to look at it properly...

BIG which stands for Bravery Imagination Generosity, is a pretty unique type of magazine, it consists of work which pairs and adult artist of some kind with a child artist. For example, this issue there is a 'person tree' drawn by a child and a poem written by an adult that goes with the drawing. There is a lot of contributions from artists of all sizes from all over the world and collaborations such as the treasure boats. Ebi-kun's treasure boat was included in the poster that Lilla A put together, can you spot it?

Ebi-kun was very excited to find his ship in the magazine, he says that he feels happy and like he is famous! The magazine makes good reading and it laid out in an artistic fashion plus the paper quality is lovely too. They encourage you to write in the magazine, complete drawings and your own projects, this is the only problem I have with it, and just because I can't bring myself to write in books, it just feels wrong!
To get your hands on the latest edition of BIG kids magazine, you can purchase it here

The cover is by artist Jacqui Stockdale and Makaela aged 8


  1. Ahhhh, now I can't wait for mine to get here! I can't get myself to write in books either. I'll just copy those pages and write on the copy instead.

    1. lol, so it's not just me then? my husband often makes notes and underlines things in books, drives me dotty, he at least knows only to do it in his own books :o)

  2. You find the most amazing magazines!

  3. So thrilled Ebi-kun is happy with his fabulous BIG artwork!
    Your (and especially his) markings on the paper will bring the magazine to life - try it ;)
    Thanks so much for your support and we so much look forward to your Game On! contribution.
    Jo and Lilly x


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