Wednesday 28 March 2012

Chewbacca storage tin - tutorial

This is a completely no sew project and pretty easy to do. This is not one of the projects from the Star Wars Craft Book but was inspired from the book. The book has a tissue box wookie but that wouldn't work for us because the boxes are a different shape here so we took the idea and applied it somewhere else. This tutorial doesn't give measurements because it all depends on the size of tin you use, it is more of a how-to!

Faux fur
felt in brown, white, silver/grey, red
empty storage tin (dull any sharp edges before starting)
goggly eyes
black button
all purpose glue

Cut a piece of fur the same height as the tin and long enough to wrap all the way around but with a small overlap. Glue it to the tin.

If your tin had a lid then cut a circle of fur out which is slightly bigger than your lid, glue it in place.

Prepare the face. Cut two circles of white felt out that a twice the size of you goggly eyes, glue the eyes to them.
Cut an oval of red felt out for the mouth and a second oval in white, the white one should be a little smaller then the red. Cut the white piece in half in a ziggy-zaggy way to make the teeth and glue in place. Use a black button for the nose, then glue all the face parts to the tin.

To make the belt cut a piece of brown felt, make sue it will fit around the tin at an angle, decide the width by looking at your tin to see if the proportions look right. Cut a second strip, the same length but one third of the width. Now cut some blocks in grey felt. Again, just eye-ball it.

Place the grey pieces on the widest brown strip and glue in place, then glue the thinner brown strip on top.

Finish off by gluing the strip to the tin, the top back so that it is loose around the front.

Use the tin to store your Star Wars characters so that your mommy doesn't step on them!

For more tutorials, check out the tutorial page HERE.

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